What is Transition Town Berkhamsted?

What we do

 We are taking action so the town in which we live remains a vibrant place, both for now and into the future.  We are making the town able to carry on regardless of external shocks, such as recessions, commodity price rises and climate change.  We encourage stronger social networks and a more robust local supply chain via vibrant local commerce.

TTB is part of the transition movement (the Transition Network), with over 1000 similar grass roots initiatives spread over the world.  It is a not-for-profit organisation, with the majority of work done on a voluntary basis by people who care about the long term future of our town and our planet.

Berkhamsted will be an example of what is possible, to help others get over their inertia, leading the way from high-carbon to low-carbon.


 Berkhamsted is a lovely town, with a strong community spirit, powered by the many generous residents giving up their time to contribute to the myriad of community groups.  In spite of this, there is great pressure to increase the town’s population, and the underlying infrastructure is strained.

We are not isolated from the outside world.  Unprecedented uncertainty and dire risk face us in the form of the changing climate, scarcity of resources and financial volatility [2013 Global Risk Report, World Economic Forum].  While these seem remote to our small town, we believe we should not be complicit in their increasing likelihood and should do what we can to protect our community from these dire and unprecedented threats.  The flooding and storms experienced by England and Wales in early 2014 are just a taste of what is to come.

We recognise that we can meet these threats head on while re-envigorating the town and building a real shared sense of what it is to be part of Berkhamsted.  A visionary, long-term approach is required.

 Berkhamsted when we’re done

 When we have achieved our aims, Berkhamsted will be a place:

  • That has a vibrant community life and town centre, where residents are proud to live here and feel a strong connection to Berkhamsted and its history; its roots;
  • That is largely self-sustaining to the extent of not materially feeling the effects of a energy, food or water shortage or economic depression;
  • That consumes less energy (for electricity, transport, food and everything else) than it produces;
  • Where the natural environment around us is also thriving and can be enjoyed;
  • Our children are happier to be out and about and safer doing so;

 Stewardship will then be the main focus of TTB once our vision is reality.

What are we going to do to achieve this?

 The mission of TTB is built on three pillars – to Act, Inform and Engage.

  • Act: Take practical action on Energy, Transport, Waste, Food, Local Economy and Water in order to support our community and future well-being.
  • Inform on the challenges we face, the possibilities available to address them and the benefits of doing so.
  • Engage with other community groups (such as schools, businesses, council, churches and local charities) to catalyze and collaborate on projects and initiatives to help move us towards the long-term future that we all want for the town, its surrounds and its residents.

To build on this and to recognise that Berkhamsted is not alone, we also work with the wider Transition Network to influence policies at a regional, national and global level. We will also look to the wider network for inspiration, training and advice.

Have a look around the website and the web forum to see what is going on and how you can get involved, and to join the movement.

Click here for information about the B-Hive.

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