Modernising Money

Modernising Money: why our system is broken and how we can fix it…

11th June 730pm.  Civic Centre, Berkhamsted.

Are you angry that when the banking system crashes the rest of the economy crashes too and it’s the people that have to pay to clean up the mess? We endure austerity & unemployment whilst the banks get bailed out and bankers still get preposterous bonuses?

This is not just a freak accident: 97% of our money is conjured up out of thin air by the banks as credit; this system has failed to keep up with technology or globalisation and is no longer fit for purpose.  Dr Fran Boait of Positive Money cuts through the smokescreen of money and borrowing in simple language and proposes a workable solution…

If you care about your wallet, come and join us in this interactive discussion to find out how we can
regain control of our money!  Admission is free but spaces are limited, so reserve your place online or by phoning:


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