We’d like to know your views on a proposal to build a multi-storey car park in the centre of town.  We’d also like to know if you think a Town Plan of some kind would be a good idea, allowing planning choices to be made whilst considering residents long-term wishes.  The link below will take you to an online survey, where we provide some more background.  The survey takes about 10 minutes to fill in, and your responses will be used by TTB to understand the feeling within the town on these questions.

Please fill in the survey (by the end of January 2014), and forward this link to any residents you think may like to participate too.
Many thanks for taking the time to read and (we hope) fill in the survey.
Danny, Wendy, John and the TTB Transport Group


Our Aims

The Aims of the Transport Group are to create a Berkhamsted where:

  • The streets are safe for people
  • Cars do not dominate and the streets are designed to cope with all forms of transport, including walkers and cyclists
  • The town is connected, not divided, by the high street
  • The first choice is to walk, then to cycle and then to use public transport – the car is a last resort
  • Mindsets have changed, and it no longer seems weird not to own a car
  • All children walk or cycle to school, or travel by bus if they can’t walk there
  • Safer streets bind people together – connections to other people are stronger as we meet on the street more
  • The town is more resilient to the threat of peak oil because we are no longer so dependent on fossil fuels for our transport

To achieve this we’re campaigning for:

  • 20mph speed limit for all residential areas
  • More cycle routes for schools
  • Bus routes round town at key times for commuters + school children
  • Pollution reduction on the High Street


We ran the Bikefest on 22nd September and were rewarded with lovely weather and a really healthy turnout.  About 200 people came along throughout the afternoon, and the newspaper came and took some photos.  This event is aimed at kids of all ages, with cycle training provided, on-road taster rides, bike maintenance and it was great to have our 2 most local bike shops participating – The Little Bike Company and Lovelo.  Go to the Bikefest page .


Safer Routes to Schools has always been a high priority at TTB.  However, the recent change in the state schools within the town has given this greater importance, as younger children are travelling to some of the schools, and a number of children/families are having to travel further, and needing to use their cars in order to drop siblings at schools which may be far apart.  Several TTB members are active on this front, but if you’d like to know more of what is going on, and perhaps help at your local school, then head to forum and look for the Safer Routes link.

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    Our next Green Drinks will be held on 17th May 8pm at The Bull in Berkhamsted.  ALL WELCOME!
    Green Drinks are held on the third Thursday every month, from 8pm.

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