Ideas and Gadgets

The list below is intended to help people take simple steps to reduce their energy consumption.

Saving on Heating/Hot Water

Item Cost Example Supplier Contact Energy Saving
Silver ‘reflector panels’ installed behind radiators (especially external walls) Approx. £5 each Ruth Treves Brown Reduces heat loss by up to 30% per radiator
Thermostatic radiator valves enabling rooms to be kept at different temperatures e.g. bedrooms cooler, unused rooms heating off £12-20 + fitting by plumber Jo Bonnett
Chimney Balloon for temporary or permanent blocking of chimney to reduce draughts £20
Tracy Dudley
Wood-burning stove can provide room heating and can heat hot water if a back-boiler is fitted £400 upwards + fitting + flue lining HG Matthews (Bellingdon)
01494 758225
Chiltern Fireplaces (Tring)
01442 822595
Jo Bonnett Reduce gas consumption
Shower drop monitor measures water use in shower (and helps save on gas for water heating) £12.95 Seb Beloe
Aerating Shower Head reduces flow in pumped or power shower £15 Jo Bonnett Up to 40% energy and water use

Saving Electricity

Item Cost Example Supplier Contact Energy Saving
Energy efficient light bulbs e.g. replace 100w incandescent with 18w energy efficient compact fluorescent bulb From 50p DIY stores, supermarkets Save up to £10 per bulb per annum
Replace spotlight bulbs in kitchens etc. e.g. replace 35w halogen with 4w LED Around £10-15
Jo/Danny Bonnett Save £7 per bulb per annum (assumes these type of bulbs used during daylight too)
TV/computer standby saver Switch off TV or computer and this automatically switches off connected devices eg printers, set-top boxes etc. £10 each Various (including Waitrose!) Seb Beloe
Energy Monitors Measure electricity use in the whole house (eg. Owl) or an individual appliance Whole house type £35-50
Individual appliance type £15-20 Some households find they can make savings of up to 25% by identifying wastage
Washing Machine or Dishwasher– hot water feed
Ensure balanced hot/cold water to reduce electricity used for heating water
Self/plumber? Hot water heated by a boiler is lower carbon than using electricity (generation and grid losses are up to 75%).
Turn off lights when leaving room Even kitchen fluorescent tube can be 100W. None!
Ensures that you boil only what you need
Around £25-£30 Seb Beloe Manufacturer claim that you can save c.30% of electricity used to boil a kettle
Savaplug for Fridge/Freezers reduces power used by fridge/freezers especially older models £20
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