Transition Town Berkhamsted is organised as follows:

  • The Constitution is adopted and reviewed each year at an Annual General Meeting.
  • Also at the AGM, three posts are filled: Leader, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • For 2012-13 these are Seb Beloe and John Bell as Co-leaders, Seb Beloe as Secretary and Marion Baker as Treasurer.
  • Every month a Steering Group meets, which has its own constitution (in consultation).
  • Also every month a social event known as the Green Drinks are held, which gives the opportunity for people interested in TTB to meet and discuss goings on.  See the front page of the website or look in the library for the details of the next Green Drinks.
  • Other than that, members can set up initiatives in the spirit of TTB as they see fit, as long as they have the energy and time to take them to fruition.  Setting up and organising of initiatives is done via word of mouth, and using the web forum.
  • There is also an overall Strategy which embodies the values of TTB, and describes the intended forthcoming objectives.
  • You can become a member online or by filling in a print out of a form.

So, to take part, come along to a Green Drinks to introduce yourself and have a chat, or join online and post up a reply to a topic on the web forum – or start a new topic of your own.

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    Our next Green Drinks will be held on 17th May 8pm at The Bull in Berkhamsted.  ALL WELCOME!
    Green Drinks are held on the third Thursday every month, from 8pm.

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