A small step towards zero plastic

By Bridget Wilkins
Today in Waitrose I took a handful of paper mushroom bags. I couldn’t reach them so asked someone to get some for me and told them why, they replied ‘good idea’. I used them at the deli counter for cheese and no problems when I gave them the bags. They replied ‘ a lot of people are like you, against plastic.’ I also got someone to get some loose apples for me and no probs there either.  Another customer willingly helped.
Other activities that could help reduce single use plastic. Mostly thanks to Guardian Weekend, 24.02.18:
See if you can manage to do 3 of these in this coming week, and add at least one of your own activities to this list.
1- Take your own box and wrap to supermarket deli counter and ask for cheese to be wrapped in foil and price tag stuck on top for checkout.
2- Drink loose leaf tea. Most teabags are sealed with plastic. Teapigs teabags are made from corn starch.
3-When shopping online ask them not to send plastic packaging.
4-Swap individual plastic packets of tissues for a box of tissues and decant out what you need to a pouch. OR, use a handkerchief instead of packets of tissues.
5-Save glass jars for storing bulk buy or leftover foods. Use a bulkbuy online shop eg SUMA ( Contact Claire Mistry via this website who does bulk orders ) or INFINITY.
6- With takeaways decline plastic cutlery and straws.
7-Swap clingfilm for reusable waxed paper.BeeBee Wraps makes beeswax-coated cotton.
8- Instead of buying fizzy water in a plastic bottle buy a SodaStream, or cheaper, Limo Bar or Olympia. Expensive but imagine the alternative, 350 plastic bottles in landfill.
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