AGM July 2017

Transition Town Berkhamsted AGM 20th July 2017


Welcome and introductions


Seb Beloe (Secretary)

Bridget Wilkins

Emma Norrington (Officer)

Dennis Harvey

Barbara Savills

Claire Mistry (Officer)

Dan Blaney (Treasurer)

Philippa Jones

Nigel Crawley

Emma Jolly

John Bell (Officer)

Paul Crosland

Bruce Nixon

Christine Locke


Film and presentation

The meeting started with a short inspiring film called ‘Thriving 23-Year-Old Permaculture Food Forest – An Invitation for Wildness‘ which followed the story of a permaculture project in New Zealand ( Seb Beloe then gave a brief presentation on ‘Positive impact investing’ ( 



Dan Blaney presented a summary of the accounts this year. During the year we had only two significant inflows that related to the Berkofest Recycling Project and a film showing. Those together with sundry expenses meant our closing balance was £3,456 a £58 increase on 2016. The financial report was adopted unanimously at the meeting.


Election of officers

Dan Blaney agreed to stand again for Treasurer and was proposed by John Bell and seconded by Bruce Nixon. He was elected nem. con.

Claire Mistry agreed to stand as Secretary and was proposed by Emma Norrington and seconded by Bridget Wilkins. She was elected nem. con.

Seb Beloe, John Bell and Emma Norrington agreed to stand as Officers and were proposed by Claire Mistry and seconded by Bruce Nixon. They were elected nem. con.


Review of the year

John Bell then led a discussion of the key events during the past twelve months. This included:

– Providing waste recycling for the Berkofest

– Organising a visit by David Gauke MP to the Ashlyns Solar project and discussion on community solar

– Organising the ‘Demain’ film screening attended by over 100 people from the community

– Working alongside the Beehive and others to help inform the Library development

– Working alongside others in opposing the development of the Multi-storey car park in the town

– Regular newsletters and emails and monthly Green Drinks.


Ideas for 2017/18

We had a brief brainstorm about ideas to work on in 2017/18. These included:

– Supporting the solar project at Sunnyside Nurseries in Northchurch (pending funding application)

– Exploring the potential for a Berkhamsted Environment Centre (like the centre in High Wycombe)

– Explore how to turn the whole of Berkhamsted into a ‘no engine idling’ zone

– Working collaboratively with other like-minded organisations in Berkhamsted on areas of common interest (eg Berkhamsted Citizens Association)

– Providing waste recycling support to Berkofest and potentially other public events around the town

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